One is to inhabit a natural sanctuary to empower a mental sanctuary. Perfect spaces for encounters, creations that allow you to connect and listen to yourself better.

A Glorious Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey at ‘A Glorious Retreat’, nestled in the breathtaking beauty of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. A life changing experience, where luxury meets well being.
23 - 25 November 2023

The wisdom of plants

During this retreat, we will approach the Indigenous Worldview through the wisdom of plants. Flora provides a sacred ancestral technology, concentrating the effort of plant life towards light and spirit.

Threads of Ancestry

Journey into your profound spiritual dimensions through a continuous ceremony weaved by embodiment, somatics, ancient philosophies and rituals in one of South America's most sacred territories, known as the heart of the world.
16 - 21 May 2024

Self Love - Yoga Detox - Energy Balance. 2nd Retreat

During 4 days and 3 nights we will explore a profound journey to renew your purpose to achieve a healthy lifestyle, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself.
13 - 16 October 2023
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