Journey into your profound spiritual dimensions through a continuous ceremony weaved by embodiment, somatics, ancient philosophies and rituals in one of South America’s most sacred territories, known as the heart of the world.

How does your spirit speak?

What ancient languages live deep within your body?

Who is really guiding your journey of becoming that which you already are?

It is time to remember dear heart. The vast living wisdom that breathes through you.

It is time to reclaim your body from the stories that have been written upon you and to uncover the intuitive insight and creative inspiration that lives in your tissues. Join us in this unforgettable journey of embodied liberation!

The Retreat

Non-Dualistic Shaiva Tantra

a philosophy that embraces a non-dual view, seeing the One in the many, encouraging practitioners to be intimate with the full spectrum of life, building a strong energy body through practice and ritual.

Embodiment and Somatics

we tend to move through the world from our heads, often disembodied and out of touch with the somatic wisdom of the body. Somatics and embodiment recognise that Psyche lives in Soma and by becoming fluent in the language of the body we can access deep layers of unconscious programming and heavy conditioning to release old ways of living, being and moving.

Sacred Space & Ceremony

we will carefully curate ceremonies and rituals drawn from ancient traditions that will serve as gateways for personal introspection, healing, and connection with the divine.

Rest and Contemplative practices

we will have time to digest and integrate through practices of deep rest, silence, contemplation helping our nervous system to be in a receptive state.

Local Indigenous Worldview

we will have the privilege of learning about the local indigenous worldview through workshops and ceremonies led by local indigenous leaders and discover with them the profound symbology of weaving and threads in their culture.
Expect a continuous ceremony into the deeper memory of spirit, curated through intuitive moving meditations, dreamlike soundscapes and sacred rituals while you explore the local indigenous worldview and wisdom of one of the most sacred territories in Latin America known as “the heart of the world”


Juliana Ramos

I am a sensitive and passionate woman dedicated to cultivating a life in service of my authentic expression. I believe our relationship with ourselves is the most profound and beautiful journey we come to experience, therefore creating spaces that honor that experience is the essence of what I do. I curate and design unique journeys to navigate the internal realms through safe and sacred spaces.

Collette Davis

I offer an ongoing inquiry into embodied liberation, inspired by the work and research of Tara Judelle and the Embodied Flow™ school, Expect immersive experiences curated through poetic landscapes and dreamlike soundscapes, that invite you into intuitive moving meditations where you can make contact with source and your own knowing, wisdom and expression.

The Retreat Includes


3 NIGHTS MAY 16 – 19
  • Private king $2.277 USD
  • Queen (2 People) $1.423 USD
  • Queen double bed (3 People) $1.265 USD
  • Queen single bed (3 People) $1.107 USD
  • Private (1 Person) $1.518 USD
  • Shared (2 People) $949 USD
5 NIGHTS MAY 16 – 21
  • Private king $2.861 USD
  • Queen (2 People) $1.808 USD
  • Queen (3 People) $1.606 USD

  • Private (1 Person) $2.022 USD
  • Shared (2 People) $1.294 USD

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